Booster Club

Hello Fellow Robotics Enthusiasts!

On behalf of the Miller Place Robotics Booster Club (MPRBC) I would like to enthusiastically welcome you to another exciting season of the Miller Place High School FIRST Robotics Team 514!

Team 514 is sitting at the edge of their seats to see what innovative and challenging game will soon be upon them this season. Robotics has been referred to as the “sport for the mind.” Watching Team 514 have the “hardest fun they’ll ever have” while learning technical skills, build the team Entropy brand, hone teamwork skills and celebrate personal accomplishments is exhilarating. If you don’t already, you soon will too!

The MPRBC makes fundraising a top priority each year. Fundraising is an integral component of being on the robotics team and one which both coaches and team members have a vested ownership in, along with the participation of parents. We cannot make the season the success it has become without this three pronged support approach. I want to personally thank all the sponsors and those who in one way or another have worked closely with MPRBC in tireless support of our robotics team. Every year we embark on new and innovative activities to ensure its success. The MPRBC has already kick-off its fundraising efforts. Our spring raffle and a September autumn harvest flower sale have gotten us off to a wonderful start. As we progress into the build season you can expect even more ‘FUNdraising’ activities. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updates. Simultaneously with our community-based fundraising efforts, we are working diligently towards the identification of grant funds for long term sustainability of the robotics program, cultivating our relationship with current sponsors, and identifying new ones.

Stay tuned and INVOLVED! Thanks to the modern technological advances of email, internet and social media you will have continual access to the build season’s progress. Please visit the weekly updates on the website and our Facebook page once the 6 week build season commences.  If you’re not a techy, ask your son/daughter for updates. They will be eager to share the details of the team’s progress. No doubt, you’ll thank me later.

To borrow a quote from Nicholas Sparks, “Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary simply be doing them with the right people.” Team 514 is family. Thanks to the talented and devoted leadership of, Ben Flaiz, Faculty Advisor/Head Coach, and Brian Sondi, Faculty Advisory, Assistant Coach, along with Mike Arnold, Java Program Mentor, and Team Mentors, Rob Lipori, and Jeffrey Arnold our students are inspired and engaged in a learning opportunity that will offer many pathways upon their graduation.

Please join us and help make 2016-2017 a great year.

Good luck and go get ‘em Team 514!


Kim Mansueto



MPRBC Mission Statement: To support, encourage, and advance the robotics program and related activities of the Miller Place Schools Robotics teams, to promote projects that assist with the financial needs of the Miller Place Schools Robotics programs, and to promote STEM education.